- Born 10. february 1960. in Vranje (Serbia)

1984. – Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš (Serbia)
1992. – Otolaryngology specialist at the Military Medical Academy
2010. – Master of Medical Sciens, University of Nis with: Computerised
tomography in the functional endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinus

1984.-1988. – Emergency assistance
1988.-1996. – Otolaryngology department in Vranje
1996.-1997. – Military Medical Hospital
1997.-2005. – Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery in Vranje
2006.- ...... – Department of Otolaryngology, General Hospital Izola (Slovenia)
2011.- ...... – Owner of HBO2T studio - Center for Hyperbaric Medicine

Areas of interest:
Otolaryngology, neurology, maxillofacial surgery, radiology, hyperbaric medicine ...

Professional papers and books:
2000. – Book 'Internet guide through the world of medicine'
Started writing the book 'CRS Endoscopy: Diagnosis and Surgery'

Professional training:
1995. – Course: echosonography in Belgrade (Serbia)
2003. – audiology course in Copenhagenu
2004. – continuing medical education program allergists and clinical immunologists in Nis
2004. – Course: endoscopic sinus surgery Military Medical Academy
2007. – Course: Milano Masterclass Endoscopic sinus surgery and plastic surgery
2012. – Certificate III International School undersea medicine - Nis
2012. – Certificate IV International School of hyperbaric medicine – Niš

1996. – work on: Computerized rhinomanometrics, Computerized Rhinomanometrics in diagnosis of obstruction and insertion of nose i Our experience in therapy vasomotoric rhinosinusitis
1998. – I World Congress of Allergology and rinosinusology in Athens and VIII World Congress of rinologists in Vienna with works on: Endoscopic sinus surgery-our experiences i Efect Azitromycin on nasal polyp fibroblasts
1999. – Rinologists congress in Barselona with work on 'Efekat NO na mukocilijarni tranport u nosu kod laringektomiranih pacijenata'
2004. – XI Congress of Maxillofacial Surgeons in Novi Sad
2009. – Sao Paolo XIX World ORL congress (IFOS)
2011. – Gdanjsk (Poland) Congress hyperbaric and undersea medicine

- Member of the organizing committee for the I World Congress of endoscopic surgery in Toulouse (France)
- Member of EUFOS-a (European Association of rinologists)
- Member of EUBS: European Association for Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine



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